EMR Radio

Emergency Services Radio – EMR

OK sorry about this one, Our Co-founders decided they wanted you guys and girls to have your own dedicated radio station. Now if I can quote the slightly overweight very middle-aged people concerned!

“We want the station to talk about topical issues that concern the blue light family with guest DJs and some banging tunes, but no Lighthouse Family. Definitely no Lighthouse Family and no bullsh*t …or Mick Hucknall & Simply Red.”

Anyway, it’s a web-based station and will be going live around July this year. It will initially run for 12 hours each day and get repeated. You will be able to download it via the inter web. We can’t guarantee the quality of the conversation, but you will laugh a lot. I believe Gary and Simon with have a rock hour, Dr Tim will have sounds of the 70’s i.e. nothing but Rod Stewart. Rev B, GOD hour, say no more!

Catherine will talk about bird watching and classical music, Dr Jacquie will talk about flying Apache helicopters in the Army and traveling Europe with a northerner, cat, dog and goldfish and Robert will talk about in experiences of the dunes in Tenerife.

PLEASE any budding young DJs please get in contact, I beg you!

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