How To Get Help

The most important thing is to remember you’re not alone.

If you’re struggling just pick up the phone, text, send us an email or private message us on social media……. it’s that simple.

If we don’t pick up or reply straight away, don’t despair we will get back to you.  It simply means we are on the phone dealing with someone else who also needs help.  As we said, you’re definitely not alone. You can talk as little or as much as you need to or just listen to one of our team at the end of the phone.

The majority of our guys and girls have done the job you do and have struggled at some point in their career with various different issues.  They know exactly how difficult it has been to make the call and, to be honest, by doing so you have broken the back of one of the most difficult parts of getting your life back on track.

If you’re worried about a friend or loved one, just contact us. We are passionate and committed about what we do, no matter how silly you think you sound. Trust us, when we say we have heard it all and are not here to judge, just to get you back on track and save lives.

Get in Touch

Telephone: 01223 755 130  (9am-5pm)
Text: 07778 485 528 (Out of hours)

PTSD999, 243 Mill Road, Cambridge, CB1 3BE

PTSD999 is a social enterprise run entirely by volunteers.
As a social enterprise, our main goal is to complete a social mission, and to make a positive difference to the world.
Both charities and social enterprises tend to reinvest their profits into good things that benefit a part of society, or society as a whole.
(Company number 10622791.)