PTS App – Coming soon

This is a new interactive lifestyle and wellbeing app, which will help you to monitor everything from sleep patterns, anxiety, aggression and drinking. It will include health food ideas and recipes along with a fitness regime to keep you fighting fit.

With modern social distancing measures and current geographical challenges, we’re planning on having a video application so if you are receiving support and can’t make an appointment, you will be able to live video feed to your clinical specialist. You can also interact with other sufferers for a chat and mutual support and it means we can offer more clinicians across a wider area.

Get in Touch

Telephone: 01223 755 130  (9am-5pm)
Text: 07778 485 528 (Out of hours)

PTSD999, 243 Mill Road, Cambridge, CB1 3BE

PTSD999 is a social enterprise run entirely by volunteers.
As a social enterprise, our main goal is to complete a social mission, and to make a positive difference to the world.
Both charities and social enterprises tend to reinvest their profits into good things that benefit a part of society, or society as a whole.
(Company number 10622791.)