Who’s Involved

PTSD999 is non-political organisation but does have cross party support. We have a varied range of trustees, champions and supporters, from all works of life, from Political, Media, Business, Musicians, Solicitors, Financial industry, Professors, Doctors and Retired Emergency Service personnel, all committed to supporting our men and women both serving and retired.

“As a former soldier and member of 22 SAS, I have served at the sharp end of most conflicts of the late 20th century. Having been captured and tortured at the hands of the enemy, I understand the mental trauma associated with being in the Armed Forces. Soldiers suffering from PTSD are now getting the help they need. Emergency Service workers however are the everyday forgotten heroes. Through the course of a week, they deal with stabbings, suicides, road deaths, murders, rape and terrorist attacks. 87% of Emergency Service workers suffer some form of mental trauma resulting in depression, loss of job and heartache at home. The charity PTSD999 is working hard to change the way we deal with PTSD. I fully support them and our Emergency Services.”



Graham Cole OBE


Bruce Byron

Dennis Stratton Iron Maiden


Andy McNab – CBE DCM MM

Jon Vale – Journalist

Petrie Hosken - Broadcaster

Andy Elwood SAR Winch Paramedic

Lawrence Slade Chief Executive of Energy UK

Consultant Advisors

Professor Jamie Hacker Hughes, CPsychol CSci FAcSS FBPsS FRSM

Dr Jacqui Wilmshurst BA (Hons) MSc PhD CPsychol LCGI

Dr Sharon Kalsy BSc (Hons), PsychD, CPsychol, AFBPsS, PPABP

Dr Tim Pascoe

Transformational Coaches

Robin Lockhart

Jamie Smart

Business Partners

Mercedes Benz

Sytner Group

Real World HR

Hoxne Brewery, Hoxne, Suffolk, UK

The International Police Association

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Shelton Estates

Cartwright King

Cambridge Lakes Golf Course

Gonville Hotel


Gary Hayes

Simon Durance

Boobie, PTSD999 Dog

Get in Touch

Email: support@ptsd999.org.uk
Telephone: 01223-755130  (9am-5pm)
Text: 07778485528 (Out of hours)

PTSD999, Unit 10 Valley Court Offices, Lower Road, Croydon, Royston, Hertfordshire SG8 0HF

PTSD999 10622791 is a social enterprise run entirely by volunteers. A social enterprise, main goal is to complete a social mission, and to make a positive difference to the world. Both charities and social enterprises tend to reinvest their profits into good things that benefit a part of society, or society as a whole.