When you’re on duty you’re used to wearing the appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for the job in hand. And your employer has a duty to ensure it is available and used.


Did you know that you also have a duty of care toward yourself and to others,
to think about PPP – Personal Protective Psychology.
It’s easy to do, when you’re enroute to an incident, make sure you have these thoughts with you:

  • I am competent

  • I am capable

  • I have the strength

  • I have the skills

  • I have the equipment

  • I have the support of colleagues, friends and family

  • It’s going to be alright

The best treatment is communication – talking.


Un-load: the natural debriefing/unloading that happens when you spend time with you colleagues after the exposure.

Talk to your colleagues about what you have seen, laugh about it, share a drink over it.

Dark humour can be helpful to normalise your emotions and to understand that what you have experienced and feel is no different to what your colleagues have experienced and felt.

Don’t rush off home and lock yourself away.

The communication doesn’t have to be in-depth, serious or with a specialist.


Talk to your colleagues when you’re on the way to a traumatic event, talk to them afterwards.

If you can talk about your feelings, great, but if you can’t, at least talk about what you have seen.

Joke about it, share a brew over it.

Give a colleague a hug

Let each other know that you’re not alone in what you have seen and in what you feel.

This might not cure the problem, but you’d be surprised how much you can improve your mood by making these small changes:

  • Socialise
  • Exercise
  • Diet
  • Relaxation
  • Regain Control
  • Accept feelings
  • Avoid reliving event(s)
  • Restart hobbies

People have many excuses to avoid the things that can make you feel better, we all do it.


But try it, see how it makes you feel.

Below are some proven ways to make you, stronger, more mentally resilient.

Remember you are not alone, you are not the only one struggling.

Time To Make Some Changes

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