No one is expecting you to be able to run a marathon every day or bench press an elephant. Saying that, keeping fit is a perfect way to get you back into a better place mentally.

The more weight you put on the less you feel good about yourself.  Obesity places strain on your body and vital organs which in turn takes its toll on you now and later on in life and can lead to heart attack, diabetes or stroke to name a few.  Not to mention chasing down the bad guys, carrying all the gear into a fire or doing a 300-hour shift in the back of an ambulance, it’s going to affect your operational ability and in turn your confidence and whole mental wellbeing.

However, easier said than done, it takes commitment and dedication, essentially all the skills you already have. If joining a gym is not for you, then there’s plenty you can do during the day at work, at home and days off.

Simple things like taking the stairs and not the lift, if you can walk or bike then do it! Get off the tube or bus-stop one stop earlier. Try going out for a walk, jog, run or a combination.  Some find it easier to work out with someone. If you’re on your own, dig out the MP3 player and get the tunes going.

We are going to help you stay focused on training by providing you with some fitness routines you can do at home, or in the gym, with one of our co-founders Simon.  He’s overweight, borderline alcoholic, middle aged, grumpy and an ex-smoker.  Just to make you laugh while you train, he’s working out with the legendary Jonas Zimnicki, Para Olympian fitness instructor and model!


“I’ve been suffering from Post Traumatic Stress for over 20 years and 10 years ago I tried to commit suicide.  My whole life was out of control eating too much, drinking too much, I had zero confidence. I completely lost interest in everything. Going to the gym with a close friend, has given me so much more mental resilience.

“Not to mention a smaller gut and tighter buns and I no longer sweat when I eat!”

Simon, retired solider and Co Founder of PTSD999

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