Food and drink plays a huge part to your health and mental wellbeing. Eating and drinking correctly however is easier said than done.

Doing the shift patterns you do at work makes it harder to plan and get motivated, but don’t use that as an excuse not to look after yourself.

I personally like food, I like food a lot and it makes me feel good. I also like a drink, particularly after a long day. However, all the good stuff we like is generally bad for you, that’s why it tastes so good.

We’re not saying you can’t drink alcohol or eat kebabs or a fried mars bar! (for our friends across the border) nor are we saying you must only drink water and feed off nuts and pulses. It’s about moderation, try to mix it up eat as much veg as you can, drink more water drink less alcohol and sugary drinks.

Try to plan in your head what you’re eating and drinking each day and cut the crap out.  You will feel better, healthier and your mind will be sharper and fitter to deal with the situations you find yourself in every day.

Gary Hayes a former police officer, sufferer of PTS and Co-founder of PTSD999, is going to start our program of eating healthy, lifestyle change and doing a work out at home and down the Gym a few times a week.

We will be posting videos of his progress soon!

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